Officer Dorf was a character in the film Friday the 13th. A strict man with little patience for any nonsense, Dorf was a member of a the Crystal Lake police force.


Dorf, while looking for local eccentric Ralph in 1979 stops by Camp Crystal Lake on his motorcycle to talk to the counselors hired by Steve Christy to fix up the old camp for reopening. Instantly disliking most of the counselors, Dorf begins badgering them and questioning them about if they've been using any drugs before telling the kids he was looking for Ralph. Ultimately forced to leave after getting a call from dispatch over the radio Dorf takes off, telling the counselors that he will be keeping an eye on them so they better keep their noses clean.

In the morning after Pamela Voorhees goes on a murder spree at Camp Crystal Lake, killing all but Alice Hardy before being decapitated, Dorf and another officer drive up to the lakefront in a cruiser and spot Alice lying unconscious in a boat out on the lake. Calling out to the girl, Dorf and his partner briefly rouse Alice to consciousness before swimming out to bring her ashore.