Character information
Name(s): Marcie Stanler
Died: 1979
Hair/eye color: Brown (Eyes), Brown (Hair)
Height/weight: -- (Height), -- (Weight)
Status: Deceased
Behind the scenes
Portrayed By: Jeannine Taylor
First Appearance:
Friday the 13th (Film)
Last Appearance:

Marcie Stanler was a character in the film Friday the 13th. Marcie was the girlfriend of Jack Marand and one of the victims of Pamela Voorhees.

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Ever since she was a little girl Marcie, claimed to have been a little frightened of storms, due to a recurring nightmare of hers in which the rain turns into blood.

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Friday the 13th (1980) Edit

In 1979, Marcie was hired along with her boyfriend Jack Burrell and their friend Ned Rubenstein by Steve Christy to help fix up Camp Crystal Lake. The trio arrived at the lake on Friday the 13th of June. Meeting Steve and everyone she'll be working with Marcie, when Steve leaves to run errands in town, hangs out at the docks to get to know her friends. Later on, while walking with Jack, Marcie expresses her concern with Ned's current behaviour, when a storm starts to move in, Marcie mentions her old childhood nightmare concerning the blood rain which washes away in gushing rivers and its' alarming sounds which come to an abrupt halt, she is comforted by Jack who dismisses it as merely a dream.

Going to their cabin after talking Marcie and Jack have sex, with Marcie needing to use the washroom afterward, telling Jack she'll be right back. After urinating Marcie freshens up in front of a mirror and quoting an old matinee she begins to feel like she is being watched. 

Thinking one of the others was in the washroom with her Marcie starts looking in the stalls and finds nothing. After pulling back the third and final shower stall to find no-one else in the washroom cabin she disregards the sounds as her imagination. Marcie then turns around and manages to let out a scream just as Pamela Voorhees swings an axe into her face killing her. Marcie's corpse was then hidden within the middle shower stall and the woodcutting axe used to impale her in the face gruesomely withdrawn and later placed in Brenda's cabin in her bedspread, discovered along with the trickles of Marcie's blood by Alice and Bill.

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  • Kill Number: #06
  • Marcie's surname is commonly believed to be Cunningham, however, when Marcie introduces herself to Steve Christy, she very quickly says "Marcie Stanler".