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Lawrence is a character the Friday the 13th remake, in which he is portrayed by Arlen Escarpeta. A stoner and wannabe businessman, Lawrence is best friends with Chewie. He also thought everyone besides Chewie was racist towards him because he was black. He is somewhat stupid and very thirsty for sex.

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Lawrence was best friends with Chewie. He was also pursuing a career in rap music.

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Friday the 13th (2009) Edit

Lawrence, along with Chewie, JennaBreeNolan, and Chelsea went to spend the summer on Trent's. On the way, Trent asks Lawrence to get some gas, but Lawrence quickly gets out of it by calling Trent's racial acceptance into question. Chelsea and Lawrence later have a humorous exchange about his music career.

After they get to Trent's home, Lawrence spent most of the afternoon drinking and playing games with Trent, Bree, and Chewie. At one point, Chewie accidentally breaks Trent's father's chair, causing Chewie to go to the tool shed where, unknowingly to the rest, he gets killed by Jason. In the meantime, Lawrence smokes and unzips his pants, preparing to masturbate while watching a clothes catalog.

Soon after, Jenna, and her new friend Clay Miller get back in the house, startling Lawrence. They call the police, but Lawrence then realizes that Chewie is still out in the tool shed. He then grabs a fireplace poker and a stir-frying pan as a sword and sheath, and goes towards the tool shed. While looking around inside, he finds his friend's corpse hanging from the ceiling and Jason right behind him. Lawrence manages to put up a bit of a fight and escapes briefly.

As Lawrence escapes the tool shed, Jason runs behind him and throws an axe at him. The axe hits Lawrence on his back so he can't move. He screams for help in agony, but his friends, knowing that it is a trap by Jason, don't come out. As he lies writhing in pain, Jason comes to him, picks him up and throws him on a log forcing the axe all the way through Lawrence's chest, killing him. His body is last seen floating in a bloody hot tub.

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