Ali is a character in 1982 slasher horror film Friday the 13th Part 3. Ali is the leader of a biker gang, consisting of himself, Fox, and Loco. After a tense confrontation with Shelly and Vera at a convenience store, Shelly wrecks their motorcycles in front of Ali as revenge for troubling him and Vera, causing Ali to shout in anger while Vera praises Shelly as they drives away. In retaliation, the gang sneaks into Higgins Haven and drain the gas from Christine Higgins' van. When Fox and Loco wander into the barn, Ali goes to check on them where he discovers Loco dead. Jason Voorhees then knocks Ali out with a pipe wrench. Ali later awakens while Christine flees, and attacks Jason. Jason promptly chops off Ali's hand and slices him to pieces with his machete. An alternate ending had Ali surviving; Christine opens the door to find Jason, but is scared by Ali. They both get away. Soon after, the paramedics arrive, only to never find Jason's body.